Roatan to Key West… Not Quite

We left Roatan on Sunday, December 6th, with the intention of sailing directly to Key West. We had decent conditions, not great, but not bad, either. The wind was mostly around 10 to 15 knots and was just a little more north of east than I’d have liked it. The sea state was only about 4 feet with a northeast swell, but also a dying northerly swell that made for a little bumpier ride than usual. The forecast had called for the wind to come a little more southerly, perhaps east-southeast, which would have made for a pretty nice beam reach, but instead we had to pinch pretty close to the wind to maintain our desired heading. No worries, though, we were making anywhere from 6 to 8 knots and everything aboard was working well.

Unfortunately, Nancy was getting a little green around the gills. Because of the northerly component of the swell, we were pitching fore and aft a little, in addition to the beam to beam rolling caused by the northeasterly swell, and we were heeled over perhaps 20 degrees from wind pressure on the sails. Not really a very bad ride, but the combination of motions makes it difficult to move around the boat.

On Tuesday morning, the start of our third full day at sea, I had just gotten to sleep in the quarterberth when I heard a loud crash and woke up to find Nancy sprawled on the cabin sole (floor) next to the quarterberth. She had been in the galley, on the starboard side of the boat, when a wave slapped into the boat and caused it to roll more than usual to port, tossing her across the cabin and down into the quarterberth. She didn’t have any broken bones, but somewhere along the way her back had taken a pretty good blow and was very sore.

Nancy had fallen in the head the day before and banged up her elbow and by this point I’d only had about 4 hours of sleep in better than 48 hours, so we decided to head for Puerto Morelos, which was only about 40 miles to the west. We arrived at Marina El Cid, just south of Puerto Morelos, a little after noon and tied up to a mooring ball. We have been here almost a week now and Nancy’s back is starting to feel better.

As far as our plans, we are not sure yet. We are still planning to head on to Key West, but we may stay in Mexico for a month or two before continuing on. We are talking to Rob about coming down for a visit, if we can convince him to leave all that pretty snow in Kansas City and endure this balmy 80 – 90 degree tropical climate. It may be a hard sell, but we are hoping he will come for a visit in February and perhaps even sail back with us to Key West.

Stay tuned for further developments.

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