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Home Sweet Home

Friday, June 18th, 2010

We hung around Panama City, Florida until Friday, 5/21.  On Wednesday, 5/19, we moved from anchor to a slip at the Laid-Back Boat Club, just inside Massalina Bayou, where Tom and Sabrina have Honey Ryder docked.  We figured a

Local Denizen

One of the locals at the Laid-Back Boat Club

couple of days on shore power would make the batteries happy and it would also be easier to visit with Tom and Sabrina when they arrived on Thursday.  After Tom and Sabrina got to the marina, Nancy and Sabrina left to do some provisioning and I gave Tom a hand with a couple of chores on Honey Ryder.  We all went to dinner at Bayou Joe’s and then had drinks aboard Stolen Child.  It was really good to see Tom and Sabrina again and we enjoyed seeing Honey Ryder.  Honey Ryder is a Caliber 40 and is a very nice blue water boat, I think they made a good choice in selecting it.

Friday morning we left Panama City, bound for our home port of Moss Point, Mississippi.  The wind was pretty light most of the way and we ran the engine the entire way.  There were only a few hours with enough wind to sail, but I just left the engine running with the transmission out of gear.  It was a very uneventful trip and fortunately we did not run into any of the oil spill from the Deep Water Horizon rig.  We arrived at Petit Bois Island at about 18:30 Saturday, a little too late in the day to make it on up the river to Moss Point before dark, so we anchored on the north side of Petit Bois for the

Tom, Sabrina and Honey Ryder

Tom and Sabrina aboard Honey Ryder

night.  Sunday morning we got up and leisurely weighed anchor and made our way across the Mississippi Sound, up the Pascagoula River and the Escatawpa River and into River City Harbor Marina in Moss Point.  It was quite a nostalgic trip up the river for us.  We had a nice visit with Bobby Tucker, who owns the marina and has been a good friend to us, and then Monday we tidied up the boat and went to dinner with Kenny and Janice and got to see their new house.

Tuesday morning Mom and Dad drove down and we went back to Quitman, Mississippi with them for a visit.  It was good to see my family again after two and a half years.  My nephew Zach has grown quite a lot since we last saw him.  We’ve become real land lubbers since we got back, spending as much time in Quitman at Mom and Dad’s as we have on the boat.  We’ve also been traveling back and forth between New Orleans, Louisiana and Mobile, Alabama and all points in between, looking for a house.  We would like to find a house where we can dock the boat whenever we are in the States.  Unfortunately, it is very hard to find something in our price range that meets all of our criteria.

Dad and Zach

Dad and Zach