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Preparing to Leave Isla Mujeres

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

We had been at the dock so long we had forgotten how nice it is to be at anchor. It is much more peaceful and there is almost always a nice breeze blowing down the hatches and through the boat. With this El Norte blowing, we have actually had the hatches closed for a couple of days because it got too cool (74 degrees, brrr).

Jim and Deb on the trawler M/V More Fun are going to follow us down to Puerto Morelos and spend a day or two with us down there, then they will come back up here to Isla Mujeres and we will continue on south. Ralph and Tiffany of S/V Day Dream are going to be leaving Isla Mujeres about a week behind us and will probably catch up with us in Belize. We plan to meet up with them for part of the journey through Belize, as they are also heading to Roatan, Honduras.

A couple of people have asked what our daily schedule is like. That is a difficult question to answer because each day can be so different from the one previous. Given that caveat, here is a “typical” day for us. I usually get up an hour or two before Nancy, most of the time an hour or so before sunrise (I like to watch the sunrise). I’ll have a cup of coffee and make an entry in the ship’s log for the previous day and then sit in the cockpit as the sun rises. After Nancy is up, we will spend a little time considering breakfast, and assuming we decide to cook something, we will do so, eat a leisurely breakfast and then do the dishes. We’ll have another cup of coffee in the cockpit while considering what, if anything, we want to accomplish for the day. There are always various projects around the boat that need doing, but fortunately they are rarely urgent and so we can do them as the fancy strikes us. We will usually each tackle a job or two in the morning. Examples would be shining the stainless steel topside, waterproofing the bimini (the canvas top over the cockpit), planning out a route, cleaning the boat, installing a new gadget or repairing an old one, etc. Most days whatever we do is done by noon or early afternoon, and then we can go for a swim and consider what we want to do for the afternoon. Sometimes we go to town to get groceries or run other errands and have a late lunch/early dinner at a restaurant. Sometimes we go visiting other people and sometimes we just stay on the boat. If we stay on the boat we will usually fix an early dinner around 4:00 and be finished eating and doing the dishes in time to have a cup of coffee and watch the sunset. In the evenings we usually read, although I spend a lot of evenings studying up on things nautical or studying Spanish. Sometimes we watch a DVD movie on the laptop. That is what our days are like when we aren’t running around sight-seeing or dealing with problems of a more urgent nature.

We have at least two or three stops in Mexico on our way south before we get to Belize, and then several stops in Belize before we get to Roatan. I’ll try to make another log entry after we get to Belize, but it may not be until after we get to Roatan before I make another entry. I will, however, try to keep our position updated, so that you can see where we are using either or I will be sending out email updates every few days while we are moving. If you would like to get our email updates, but are not currently getting them, send us an email and we will add you to the distribution list.

Fair Winds,
Patrick and Nancy