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Beginning of the End

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

This is the beginning of the end of our shore-side existence. As I sit here in Kansas, the trees are all encased in ice and the sun hasn’t shown in the last 4 days. The only ray of hope that makes this dismal situation endurable is the fact that as I write this, there are only 24 days, 14 hours, 31 minutes and about 30 seconds until we move aboard the boat for good.

I have spent the last few months getting the boat ready for long-term cruising. Although there are many items left on my to-do list, all of the essential work has been done and the rest can be done while we are cruising. Nancy will be officially retired this coming Monday. Over the remainder of December, we will get our immunizations against scary diseases, set up a mail forwarding service, dispose of our remaining furniture and belongings that don’t go on the boat, celebrate the holidays, and visit with friends and family whom we may not see again for quite a while.

I have not been updating the log book on the website very frequently because I didn’t think all the preparation details would be very interesting to most people, and all that preparation has made life very hectic for the last few months. Once we are aboard, either Nancy or I will begin updating the log book with more regularity, although the updates may appear in batches as we move between places where we can get internet access to post the updates to the website.

Once we move aboard in January, we will leave for the Bahamas as soon as we get a good weather window. We will make the trip in short hops down the west coast of Florida instead of going straight across the Gulf. That way we won’t have to count on long weather windows and it will also keep us within a day of shore should we develop any problems, since there are many new systems onboard and we are fairly new to this. The plan is to make an overnight offshore passage from Pascagoula to St. Joseph Bay, Florida, then to Tampa Bay in another overnight offshore passage, then a coastal passage to Charlotte Harbor, then an offshore passage to Dry Tortugas, then through the Northwest Pass entrance to Key West, then offshore around the Keys to Miami. Rob is going to join us in Miami and from there we will sail directly to Marsh Harbor, Abaco Bahamas, via the Northwest Providence Channel. Depending on weather, we should be in Marsh Harbor very early in February. Once there, we will decide where we are going next.

I’ve posted a few pictures within this blog entry that I took in the last few weeks. They are just sunrise or sunset at the marina that I took over the last few weeks. Once we are cruising, we may or may not be able to embed pictures in the log entries (depending on our internet connection) so check the Picture Galleries page on our website as well as the Log Book.