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Key West, April 2007

Pictures of the "Guys' Boat Trip" to Key West with Kevin, William, Jamie and Patrick aboard - The Trip Back

Brendan and Jamie
He's cooking up
A very serious expression indicates
leaving Key West
he's pondering imponderables.
Brendan relaxing.

Our second hitch-hiker,
a blue grosbeak.
Waldo in the dinghy.
Waldo in the dinghy.

Hey, guys,
Waldo looks a little
wait for me!
ruffled in this pic.

We sailed with the toe-rail in
Jamie just loved the way water
He's definitely posing for this one.
Brendan working his galley magic.
the water for several hours.
runs when the boat is heeled over.

The blue grosbeak is
Jamie got very good
back for another rest.
Jamie at the helm.
at hand-steering.

A tanker approaching on
a course pretty much opposite ours.
Jamie at the helm.
The tanker again.
The tanker again.

Jamie and the tanker.