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Key West, April 2007

Pictures of the "Guys' Boat Trip" to Key West with Kevin, William, Jamie and Patrick aboard - The Week In Key West

Jamie and Kevin in the Dinghy
Jamie relaxing.
William relaxing.
Kevin come up to join the relaxing.
I think they had fun with the dinghy.

I think I spent more time in the
William helping out with the
Jamie expanding his horizons
Sunset from our anchorage
lazarette than in my bunk.
autopilot installation.
on the foredeck.
at Key West.

My souvenir from Key West which
William sacked out.
Kevin sacked out.
Jamie sacked out
caused us to drag anchor.

William and Jamie
Kevin at the helm and Jamie
heading ashore.
Kevin at the helm.
looking sharp in a Guinness hat.
Chief Bo'sun William

Sailing under main,
Jamie returns from dropping off
The mast that is tilted at an angle
stay'sl and jib.
Jamie mans the lines.
Kevin and William.
is the boat that dragged aground.

This is the best I could do
for a mounting bracket for the
This is the actual
Here is the rudder position
with limited tools and supplies
autopilot control head.
wheel pilot itself
sensor for the autopilot.

This is the course computer
This is the fluxgate compass
This shows where the below-deck
portion of the autopilot.
portion of the autopilot.
parts of the autopilot are mounted.
Kevin in his Henry Blake Hat.