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Key West, April 2007

Pictures of the "Guys' Boat Trip" to Key West with Kevin, William, Jamie and Patrick aboard - The Trip Down

It has calmed down
We picked up a
After considerable research
Another pic of our
after a rough night.
I think this is a cattle egret.

Another pic of
One minute I'm in a bar,
William at the helm.
William at the helm.
Finally a glimps of blue sky.
then I woke up on this damn boat.

We've rounded Dry Tortugas
Sailing close-hauled
but the boat
Another pic of
and are approaching Key West.
is fun,
takes a beating.
William at the helm.

Land Ho
Movie clip of the relative calm
Movie clip of our avian
Movie clip of sailing close-hauled
Key West is in sight.
after our rough first night out.
hitch-hiker, Waldo
on our approach to Key West.